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Mother Bird Law Firm Representative Lawyer Chisa Tabata

Representative Lawyer  Chisa Tabata

I had been seconded to Siam City Law Offices in Bangkok, Thailand for 2 years from April, 2014 to March, 2016. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work with many big Japanese companies providing legal support regarding establishment of companies in Thailand as well as M&A, Intellectual Property, labor; drafting and reviewing of agreements as well as assisting local lawyers on litigation matters relating to Japanese companies in Thailand. With this extremely balanced experience and unique knowledge, I believe that I would be in a better position to bridge between Asian Nations and Japan.

As a furtherance to my professional background, I have devoted my energy to protecting children’s human rights with the emphasis of prevention of child abuse, bullying, and juvenile cases as my lifework. These issues demand a quick and delicate approach with expertize unlike any other legal issues since it is difficult to restore children’s life to the original conditions once damaged. Please do not hesitate to consult with me even slight matters ahead of time.

<Career and Education History>
January 2018;Established Mother Bird Law Firm
April 2014~March 2016; Siam City Law Office (Bangkok, Thailand)
January 2012~December 2017; Partners Law Office (Tokyo, Japan)
November 2010~November 2011;Supreme Court Legal Apprentice
September 2010; Passed Bar Exam
March 2010; Graduated from Keio Law School
April 2008; Enrolled in Keio Law School
1990~2008; Worked as a lyricist and composer (Belong to Nichion Inc, JASRAC)
March 1989; Graduated from Sophia University’s Faculty of Law
March 1985; Graduated from Kyoritsu Girls’ Junior and Senior High School

Vice Chairman, Tokyo Bar Association Special Committee on Children‘s Human Rights and Juvenile Law
Child Consultation Lawyer; Toshima-ku Tokyo
Member; Tokyo Metropolitan Government Committee on Considering Recommendation of the Mobile Phones
Lawyer in charge of Overseas Expansion Support Projects ; Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Member; Counsel for Foreign Workers
Member; Lawyers Association for Foreign Trainee Problem
Member, National Conference of Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs


Lawyer   Hiroyasu Kudo泰

Lawyer  Hiroyasu Kudo

<Career and Education History>
January 2019~; Mother Bird Law Firm
December 2017~December 2018;Supreme Court Legal Apprentice
September 2017; Passed Bar Exam
March 2016; Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
April 2014; Enrolled in the University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
March 2014; Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law
March 2009; Graduated from Junior & Senior High School at Komaba, University of Tsukuba